Hyundai Wins 17 Red Dot Awards | Harlingen, TX

Hyundai Wins 17 Red Dot Awards | Bert Ogden Hyundai in Harlingen, Texas

In the late summer of 2021, Hyundai Motor Company proudly took home a whopping 17 design awards from Red Dot for Red Dot Award: Brand & Communications Design 2021. Among these 17 awards were two Best of the Best distinctions and 15 Winner awards.

Red Dot: Best Of The Best Awards

For 2021, Hyundai took home two Best of the Best awards. The first was for “Little Big e-Motion,” an innovative new technology campaign from Hyundai. This campaign earned Hyundai top honors in the Film & Animation category. This video is no stranger to recognition; it also earned a silver award at the 2021 New York Festival Advertising Award.

In addition, the “Hyundai EV Infotainment System – Jong-e” theme design for the IONIQ 5 also took home a Best of the Best award. This one was in the Interface & User Experience category. This marks the first time that Hyundai brought home the gold in this segment.

Red Dot: 15 Winners

On top of these two big and historic wins, Hyundai earned an additional 15 Winner awards across seven unique categories:

  • Film & Animation
    • “This Is Us” campaign for COVID-19
    • “I’m in charge” film
  • Interface & User Experience
    • “Hyundai Infotainment System – Aqua” theme design
    • “Channel Hyundai”
  • Spatial Design
    • “Hyundai Motorstudio Busan”
    • “Hyundai Motor Group Training Center”
    • “Hyundai EV Station Gangdong”
    • “Hyundai Cheonan Global Learning Center”
  • Apps
    • “Channel Hyundai” (its second win)
    • “Bluelink” (also won iF Design Award 2021)
    • “My Genesis”
  • Advertising
    • “OOH & Ambient for London Eye,” a brand campaign for the IONIQ
    • “H2U (Hydrogen to You),” a campaign about sustainable hydrogen energy
  • Online
    • “Channel Hyundai” (its third win)
  • Digital Solutions
    • “Channel Hyundai” (yes, really, a fourth win)

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