The Hyundai IONIQ: The Hybrid for Everyone


Be honest. Have you ever thought about a hybrid, only to wonder what your friends would think of you? There are a lot of us out there who love hybrids for their eco-conscious nature. Many of us appreciate the environmental benefits to hybrids without regard to what others think. And there is certainly nothing shameful about that. But there are some people who have considered a hybrid for its impressive gas mileage (not to mention cost savings) only to be afraid of the stigma surrounding alternative fuel vehicles. And that's not necessarily shameful, either.

Hyundai is sending a message loud and clear to everyone who's ever thought of a hybrid but has decided against it. If you weren't sure if a hybrid was right for you or your family in the past, you should definitely reconsider that opinion now. The Hyundai IONIQ is a newer, better hybrid unlike the hybrids of the past. The new Hyundai IONIQ is the new hybrid for everyone.

IONIQ Model Lineup

The new IONIQ hybrid is currently available at dealerships like ours. But did you know that the IONIQ electric is also currently available to California residents? Or that a new plug-in-hybrid version of the IONIQ is coming this fall? All variants will feature the latest in both sustainable materials like volcanic rock and lots of smart technology and safety. All IONIQ models feature Hyundai's fluidic sculpture 2.0 trademark design paradigm, as well. This means that the exterior of the IONIQ is sleek and modern without appearing overly quirky. Additionally, the interior of the Hyundai IONIQ hybrid features elegant materials and a clean, open cabin. And you can't forget about the amazing gas mileage you'll get if you choose the IONIQ hybrid.

For more information reach out to us here at Bert Ogden Hyundai. Our number is (866) 497-9707. If you're really interested, why not come down to our dealership at 8621 West Expressway 83 Frontage in Harlingen, Texas? An accommodating member of our sales team will be here to help explain all the benefits of the IONIQ to you and take you for a test drive. Until then, happy car-hunting!

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